How to get involved in PUBLC

There are multiple ways to get involved in PUBLC if you are excited by our vision of building the future of the internet and fairly rewarding its entire ecosystem.

Page Admins

If you enjoy order and you want to help organize the web, you can be a topic page admin on PUBLC, which allows you to grow your own community within a specific niche and make a real difference because the more successful your page is the more value it gives back to its participants and yourself. Reach out to us if interested on

PUBLC Ambassadors

If you like being an early adopter and want to help spread the message of PUBLC across the web community you can do so as a PUBLC ambassador! Reach out to us for more details on


If you want to put your technical skills to a good cause, there are a lot of ways you could do that on PUBLC. Reach out to us for more details on

Community Managers

PUBLC is all about community and there are endless niches on PUBLC that are waiting for their communities to emerge. Whether you want to gain experience as a community manager or simply love helping people, then do reach out to us on

If you are a Content Creator:

  • Get your content indexed by PUBLC and claim the ownership of your domain or channel to get started. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Categorize and share your content in order to increase its exposure, discoverability and monetization via PUBLC.

  • Join the Creator Referral Program and earn 5% of their earnings for the first 6 months. More information here:

If you are a User:

  • Create User account to support PUBLC’s web economy while earning rewards - PUBLC’s created a new revenue model that rewards different actors from the web ecosystem such as content creators, celebrities, curators and more. However, only actions from signed in users (such as content views) generate the rewards, so by using PUBLC as a signed in user you will be supporting the people creating the content you are consuming. Learn more about PUBLC’s web economy here.

  • Build your personal feed of the web and discover amazing content from across the web about the things that interest you and earn for consuming content. Learn more about building your feed here.

  • Earn daily rewards from helping build PUBLC - As a signed in user you are also able to take part in contributing to PUBLC by performing actions such as categorizing content, approving content that others categorized and manage topic pages. All these activities will reward you with PUBLX tokens. Learn more about user rewards here.

If you are a Crypto enthusiast

If you are a celebrity, a brand or an influencer:

  • Contact us on to have your page setup and/or verified so that you can start earnings rewards from your popularity.

Join PUBLC on:

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