Content Platforms

Content platforms such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, etc., offer an immense amount of value to vast number of creators, being the home for their content and the source of income for the fewer highly successful creators.

However, content platforms are businesses nevertheless and are themselves in need to strengthen their monetization method in order to continue on hosting the ever increasing number of creators globally. Similar to creators, content platforms are forced to employ the less friendly monetization methods such as intrusive advertizing or subscription paywalls resulting in a less satisfying user experience across the board. PUBLC understands the important role that content platforms play in the web ecosystem and it rewards content platforms for their contribution in making content available online. This means that if the creator is hosting their content on YouTube, then the reward coming from the click on that content will benefit both, the creator but also YouTube as a platform. Considering the size of the YouTube creator audience, this could be a colossal amount of revenue for the YouTube platform that at scale could even lead to YouTube restructuring their own monetization methods.

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