Content Creators

Overview: Content creators are the foundation of everything on the web. They are the writers, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, musicians, artists, and many more. They are the reason all the users come to the web and without them nothing would exist.

Problems PUBLC solves:

  • Content discovery: Currently, large part of the creators' engagement comes from social media platforms, having their content reach their followers on those platforms. In practice, even for creators with a high number of followers their content will likely only reach a small fraction of them, and creators with a low number of followers will struggle to get any traction and will need to work hard to increase their follower base. Also, as most social media platforms' algorithms give preference to viral and engaging content, this makes it even harder for creators in niches that are not viral to be seen and shared onwards.

  • Search Engine Visibility and SEO: Besides social media, for many creators their main source of traffic is search engines and thus they need to spend a lot of time and money on getting better ranking to increase their visibility. Part of this efforts include implementing different SEO practices, target certain keywords, etc., which in turn has a halo effect on the creative process of those creators as they are restricted by the choice of words they are using in order to match search engine requirements.

  • Monetization: Even though the vast majority of value on the internet is added by creators, they get very little reward in return. In fact, the biggest tech giants who almost entirely rely on their creators to drive traffic to their platforms, keep 100% of the platform's revenue to themselves, which leaves creators rely on aggressive advertising techniques that in turn damage the experience of their audiences. On PUBLC, in addition to more organic content exposure and discovery, creators are able to monetize their content at some of the most competitive rates on the creator market starting from the very first click.

How Content Creators use PUBLC

  • Adding content to PUBLC: PUBLC indexes content automatically so there is no need for creators to add content manually, however, it is possible to add content to PUBLC manually at any time. As soon as the content is indexed by PUBLC, creators are able to categorize it if they wish. Categorized content has better discoverability and chances of appearing on relevant pages across the plarform.

  • Sharing content via PUBLC links: In addition to organic exposure within PUBLC, creators are using the PUBLC urls to their content when they distribute it across all social media platforms, newsletters, etc. This results in higher monetization rates as every time someone opens a PUBLC link from their social media post, they are rewarded for that click. Moreover, as more of their audience discovers and signs up to PUBLC, more of their subsequent content clicks will be monetized.

  • Withdrawing earnings from PUBLC: Once a creator has earned tokens from both, organic traffic and from proactively sharing PUBLC links, they may wish to withdraw those earnings. There are three key steps they need to follow to complete a withdrawal: a) withdrawing the tokens from their PUBLC dashboard, b) downloading a wallet such as Metamask, and c) exchanging the PUBLX tokens on the Uniswap Exchange. Following that, each creator can decide if they want to keep their earnings in crypto or cash them out into USD or any other fiat currency.


PUBLC creates an organic system of incentives where each participant of the ecosystem is incentivised to act in a way that their benefit benefits everyone else. Content creators are incentivized to drive traffic to their content on PUBLC as it rewards them for each click, while the users consuming their content via PUBLC get rewarded for doing so. More clicks on content means more users, and more users means more brands and businesses buying business services, and more business services means more demand for the token and more demand for the token means higher reward per click, and higher reward per click means more creators and more users. This cyclic system of incentives keeps repeating itself infinitely creating a scalable and sustainable web ecosystem.

Future plans:

  • Decentralized content platforms

  • Content copyright using NFTs

  • Enhanced monetization

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