People & AI

When it comes to text understanding People know best. That’s why PUBLC is combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence, like combining Google with Wikipedia.

PUBLC harnesses the users’ insights to categorizing content, and learns from them how to better organize the web.

People always know best, they would know to what topics an article is related to, and what genre a certain song is, tasks which are still hard on machines. But machines can categorize and analyze vast amounts of content very quickly, which people can't. That's why PUBLC is combining the best of both worlds. PUBLC adds a new layer to search engines, enabling the users to categorize and rank its content. Users are able to label what the content is about, to what subjects it’s connected to, and to what search queries it should be found under.

This user-data combined with Machine Learning “teaches” PUBLC how to better categorize content from the web on a large scale.

This enables PUBLC to reach new advances in Natural Language Processing and search, that has the potential to surpass existing search engines.

Curating pages - Users are able to edit and moderate pages across PUBLC, making them and their content more interesting and better organized.

Adding content and domains - PUBLC doesn’t blindly crawl the web, it only adds content from domains and sources verified by its users. This helps grow PUBLC’s content base with high quality content vetted by the community.

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