More than just a technology, Blockchain also focuses on fixing the many wrongs of the web of today.

PUBLC is designed with this ideology in mind, building the infrastructure that would enable users to have full privacy, security and control over their data, and creating trust and transparency between the users and the platform.

With companies such as Google and Facebook exploiting user privacy, PUBLC will return users their sense of online freedom and control.

Today PUBLC just doesn't store any of the users' personal information, it doesn't track your activity, it doesn't save any of your browsing history and it doesn't share any data with advertisers.

But that's not enough.

PUBLC's vision of privacy is to enable users to have the most personalized experience and have PUBLC be completely tailored to them, but doing all this while giving users 100% privacy and control over their data and who is it shared with.

This is a place where Blockchain and Web3 could also give a solution in which the users' PUBLC profile is saved on-chain and accessed and decrypted only by the users upon use on the platform using their private key. Giving them and only them access to that information which will only be shared with their consent. On-chain PUBLC IDs is planned to be launched on Q4 2024.

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