User Rewards

We believe that the users are the foundation of any online platform, and while this is the case, in most existing search engines and social media platforms the users are only exploited to generate revenue for the platforms without them earning anything in return. PUBLC's vision is to reward its community of people that add value to the platform, as we believe that PUBLC users are part of creating this value and they should be rewarded for it.

On PUBLC users are allocated a portion of the tokens released to circulation, and therefore the portion of the platform's revenue. Those tokens are distributed amongst the users in proportion to the value each user has created on the platform.

There are multiple ways users can earn rewards on PUBLC and they are grouped in two main categories: Activity Rewards & User Rewards.

Activity Rewards

These are Click Rewards that you can earn when users perform actions that add value to the platform and its community. The higher the success of these actions, the more they earn. Such actions include but are not limited to:

1. Categorizing content

2. Approving content (additional permission required)

3. Driving traffic from user page

4. Being an Admin of a Topic page (additional permission required)

Daily User Rewards

This is what users earn for being part of the PUBLC ecosystem and adding value to it, it is proportionate to their total Reputation Points gained on the platform.

The User Rewards reflect Reputation Points that is generally measured by user's level of activity and how many actions they performed that added value to the platform. There are different ways that they can build reputation on PUBLC ranging from the amount of days they were active on the platform to the amount of content categorizations they've completed. As the platform grows, there will be more actions that will improve (or harm) user's reputation.

How User Rewards are calculated:

  • Every valid click on PUBLC content distributes PUBLX tokens through the 'Click Reward' mechanism. Out of those 'Click Rewards' tokens 10% are distributed daily to all users that were active on that day.

  • For each day that a user is active on PUBLC they will be participating in the daily distribution of the User Rewards and receive a portion of those tokens based on the amount of Reputation Points they've accumulated since joining PUBLC.

  • Their daily share is calculated by the following formula: Daily User Reward Share = Total Reputation Points / Total Reputation Points of all Daily Active Users

  • Daily User Reward = Total Daily Tokens Distributed to User Rewards * Daily User Reward Share For example: Let's say on a certain day there were 10,000,000 PUBLX tokens distributed to circulation through 'Click Rewards', this means that there will be 1,000,000 PUBLX distributed as User Rewards amongst all the users that were active on that day. Now, let's say that until that day that User A had gained a total of 200 Reputation Points, and the total amount of Reputation Points gained by all active users on that day is 500,000 Reputation Points, then User A share of the Users Rewards will be = 200/500,000 -> 0.04%, and the amount of PUBLX tokens they would receive on that day is 1,000,000 PUBLX * 0.04% = 400 PUBLX.

What is the main difference between Activity Rewards and User Rewards?

On PUBLC we believe that value shouldn't just be measured by click generating performance but should also be measured by value created by the users. Below is an example of how the two different types of the rewards complement each other to create a more fair reward system and a strong community.

Imaging that Alice is a user interested in Greek Philosophy and has brilliantly categorized 100 content items about Greek Philosophy. However, since it is not a particularly trending topic, there were only a few clicks on the content she categorized, which earned her few tokens from the 'Click Rewards'.

In comparison, Bob who is a fan of a famous celebrity, categorized 1 content item about that celebrity and received 100,000 clicks on that content, earning Bob many tokens through 'Click Rewards'.

Even though Alice received only a few tokens through Click Rewards on the content she categorized, she actually added a lot of value to the platform as her activity might have significantly improved the Greek Philosophy page, and she will be rewarded for that by gaining more Reputation Points, and that in turn grants her a larger portion of the daily User Rewards than what Bob would earn.

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