For the users of the internet it becomes harder and harder to discover the endless content of the web. Users are bombarded with ads that they have no interest to see most of the time, and they are robbed of their privacy online, yet they just let it be so for the lack of a better alternative.

On top of all that, they get no reward for the value they create even though without users consuming content online, there would be no internet as we know it today.

PUBLC changes a lot of that. It is filling the gap created between social media and search engines, making it easier for users to discover content they didn't know existed in a much more visual and engaging way than the existing search engine or the existing social media that allows you to follow people you already know. PUBLC doesn't track its users nor collects any personal information. Finally, PUBLC recognizes the value of each individual user, which is why it rewards its users for their activity on the platform. Users earn different type of rewards based on their level of activity, which in certain cases could equate to earning a monthly salary and be a full time job.

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