Where PUBLC is headed to

PUBLC is here to be the world's new gateway to the web. One that is built upon a more fair, inclusive and collaborative web economy, and that revolutionizes and personalizes the user experience of the web.

PUBLC is committed to an agenda that is guided be the unshakable principles that were the driving force of the project since inception:

  • To continue safeguarding the integrity of the platform and its token model and fairly rewarding all those who provide value

  • To continue evolving our artificial intelligence capabilities that are and will be guided by human intelligence, which we consider as a very critical agenda item given the AI revolution we are embarking on

  • To continue enabling users' complete privacy and control over personal data within and outside PUBLC

  • Take our social responsibility beyond the PUBLC ecosystem and support all the causes that bettering and evolving humanity and the environment

Some of the exciting developments that will be coming in the upcoming months and years include but are not limited to:

  • PUBLC AI - Open-source LLM

  • PUBLC DeFi Protocol

  • Self-served business services

  • PUBLC Browser

  • Further decentralization with main database moving on chain and open sourcing of PUBLC APIs

  • Blockchain IDs

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