Web Economy

As a platform built by everyone, for everyone, PUBLC is establishing a new revenue model that rewards its community, aspiring to create a new, more equally distributed web economy using Blockchain and token economics. This model is connected to the platform's real-life income, which generates demand for the PUBLX token.

Circular economy of supply and demand

Token Reserve

PUBLC rewards its ecosystem of creators, users, brands, etc with their own native token called PUBLX and those rewards can only be triggered by one action - clicks on content. Upon each click, PUBLC’s Token Reserve, which is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, releases a certain amount of tokens into circulation and distributes them to the relevant ecosystem beneficiaries. The more tokens released to circulation the less tokens are released per click.


The ecosystem of creators, curators, brands, users, celebrities, etc., receive the tokens that are distributed upon clicks on content and based on their contribution to building and promoting the platform they would receive the equivalent share of the click reward.


On the other side there are businesses who are interested in buying various business services from PUBLC, such as advertising. When businesses buy those services, they pay in USD, but what happens in the background is that the paid USD gets automatically converted to PUBLX through a liquidity pool. And what that really means is that businesses are buying tokens from the ecosystem of token holders who are the users, creators, curators, brands etc,.

What makes this circular economy scalable

The tokens that have been automatically bought by the businesses from the ecosystem go back into the Token Reserve, where those tokens are taken out of circulation, which in turn creates deflation since the available token supply in circulation decreases.

This cycle repeats itself infinitely. The more users there are on the platform the more demand there will be from advertisers and businesses to buy services and so on. This new economic model is designed to scale to an economy of billions of dollars.

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