Why joining PUBLC?

PUBLC is a project that is tackling multiple deeply rooted technical, societal and moral issues when it comes to the Internet.

On a practical level, you should consider joining PUBLC:

  • If you are a creator and need to start or enhance the monetization of your content in a way that can sustain your business without relying on Ads

  • If you are a user who understands its value on the internet, knowing that your attention should be rewarded, while at the same time you're ready to discover content in a more visual and engaging way than the existing search engines offer

  • If you are a brand, an influencer or a celebrity who wants a new and organic way to reach your audiences while monetizing your popularity

On a conceptual level, you may also consider joining PUBLC:

  • If you feel strongly towards the current web model inequality where the value is created by everyone yet 70% of the revenue goes to just 3 giant companies

  • If you are one of the 67% of people who are worried about their online privacy but aren't doing anything about it for the sake of convenience

  • If you are aware that the internet is doubling in size every two years and most of the 'organizing' is done by the machines where we have less and less say every day, where polarization is stimulated to fuel engagement, and where we are bound to be the slaves of algorithms

We believe that the world needs a different, more fair and equal economic model for the web - one that gives value back to those who create it in the first place.

On PUBLC, by learning from the crowdsourcing potential of collaborative platforms like Wikipedia, Quora, Waze and more, we are taking it a step further and have the ecosystem not only take part in curating and building the platform (which in turn helps train more fair and inclusive algorithms), but also earning 90% of its revenue.

Anyone can join PUBLC and monetize their value and below are some examples:

  • Creators: can monetize every click on their content, gain new channel for exposure without any cost to the creator while augmenting all other platforms and tools they currently use

  • Users: Can earn daily rewards for using PUBLC, while benefiting from a more visual, personal and fun content discovery experience that connects users with content of interest from the entire Web, curated by people that are passionate about each topic, and amplified by AI.

  • Content Curators: Can earn from helping organize the endless content of the web by categorizing content of their interest or expertise (similar to the idea of co-curated Wikipedia).

  • Content Platforms: can leverage a mutually beneficial relationship with PUBLC that provides them with a new avenue to expose their content to interested users, adding a new monetization model to the platforms and the creators using their platform (e.g. YouTube, Spotify, etc,.)

  • Influencers & Celebrities: can monetize their popularity through the rewards coming from all the content created about them from the entire creators economy while gaining a new avenue to engage with their fans and expand their communities.

  • Topic Admins: Can help grow communities around topics of their passion, organize topic pages to expose their most relevant content and earn from the success of their pages

  • Advertisers: Can reach the most relevant users for their product at the right context and time optimizing their advertising budgets and without harming the user experience on the platform

  • Liquidity Providers: Can enable them to share the success of the growing platform, build to comply with future regulatory scrutiny

  • Retail Investors: Can buy a steak in the future success of a growing platform

PUBLC blurs the lines between the company, the platform and its users and places everyone on the same side, working together to achieve a mutual goal.

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