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Introduction to PUBLC

PUBLC is a new platform for searching and discovering content that rewards its entire ecosystem for the value that they provide.

What is PUBLC?

PUBLC is a new platform for searching and discovering content, built by the entire web ecosystem, for everyone and rewarding everyone.
It combines Web2 content with Web3 economy, technology and ideology, creating a collaborative platform for the benefit of the entire web ecosystem, that is ethically designed and distributing its revenue in a way that is more inclusive, transparent and fair.
PUBLC is built on the foundation of the community’s collective efforts combined with AI, Blockchain and tokenomics.

PUBLC's Core Element:

User Experience: A platform creating a new user experience of searching and discovering content that is more engaging and fun
People + AI: Organizing the web with the help of its users - Combining Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence to better categorize content.
Community Driven: Bringing together the entire web ecosystem who take part in building PUBLC, are invested in it and driving its growth.
Privacy: Providing users with complete privacy, without tracking their activity or search history without compromising on user experience.
Web Economy: Establishing a new web economy rewarding the entire web ecosystem using tokenomics, tied to the platform’s real life revenue models paid in USD.

DeFi: A regulated decentralized financial infrastructure, having permissioned ecosystem participants supply liquidity that fuels the growth of PUBLC’s economy.

What problems does PUBLC aim to solve

Search and Content Discovery - How do we reach the endless content floating across the web

While countless apps and platforms were built, we still don't have the one destination that acts as our gateway to the web. The closest to this are search engines, and while they are great for searching something specific they aren't great for things like content discovery, finding new music, getting news updates and consuming content for entertainment. Social media on the other hand is where we currently go to get those things, but there we get a new set of problems - we follow the people we know and are interested in and get whatever content they share, but not all the content they share interest us and not all content that interest us is shared by any of the people we follow. There is endless content out there in the vast web that doesn't reach us.
One of the biggest challenges to making content more accessible and useful is understanding what the content is about, and while companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon have made huge advances in AI and Natural Language Understanding there is still a long way of having algorithms and computers understand content like people do. With the internet doubling in size every two years and the content becoming practically infinite, we need better tools for categorizing and classifying this content in order to have it better discovered.

How the web is monetized, advertising and who controls it

It is said that when they designed the internet they thought about everything but forgot about the money. With a lack of any organic revenue model the internet adopted advertising, which until today remains the primary way of making money online.
The problem with the advertising model is that it's done by for-profit entities trying to maximize revenues this results to invading users' privacy, online tracking and profiling and gathering as much information as possible in order to sell to advertisers for targeted ads. The advertising model also worsens our user experience across apps and any form of online engagements with ~20% of the posts on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin being ads. While most content websites are bombarding us with banners, trackers and ads. Even the "organic" advertising models like affiliate marketing isn't inoffensive since it requires creators to write content and recommendations about products that would sell the most, and therefore become more incentivized by sales and not by creating quality content.
This monetization model also creates a very centralized outcome with almost 70% of its revenue going to just 3 massive companies, and the rest of the millions of content creators, influencers and users get almost nothing. For example, it's estimated that only ~8% of YouTube channels make any money and only the top 3% earn above minimum wage.
On a more broader view, in almost all platforms the majority of the value is created by the users, creators, moderators, celebrities, influencers, brands and other user groups, but while they create most of the value, and while without them those platforms would not have existed, they usually earn nothing in return because the companies behind those platforms take 100% of the revenue.

Privacy, data and control over it

As the advertising models have become bigger, the companies running them needed to become more sophisticated and advanced to increase their ad revenues. This resulted into tracking users' every search, conversation, interaction and connection to gather more information about the user in order to sell it to the advertisers so that they could target them with more effective ads. Unfortunately, this includes our most personal and sensitive information about what we search and read, our political views, financial information and even our health. All for the sake of increasing ad revenue.
While scandals as Cambridge Analytica and others caused public outcry, in the end, it hardly stopped users from using those services. Research showed that 67% of the users feel worried about their online privacy but they continue using those services for the sake of convenience.

PUBLC's Mission and Values

A platform built for everyone - We have created a platform for the benefit of the entire web ecosystem where all its participants take part in building the platform and are being rewarded for it. We believe PUBLC should be inclusive to everyone no matter the gender, race or financial status. We believe in democratizing opportunities and giving everyone a chance to get their content seen and monetized based on its worth.
We see PUBLC not as a company or a product that is owned by its developers but a project owned by the community and serving the community.
A fair and sustainable web economy - We believe that PUBLC's value is created by its community. Without its community PUBLC would be worthless and with it PUBLC could change the world. PUBLC's economic model was designed to take all participants in consideration and create it in a way is more inclusive and fair, which is why only 10% of the PUBLX tokens go to PUBLC's developers while the rest 90% go to the ecosystem.
This economic model is designed to become a sustainable source of revenue for creators, influencers, celebrities, content platforms and even users, and could be a viable alternative to traditional advertising and similar revenue models.
Do good - As a platform built for the benefit of everyone we're truly dedicated to being good and doing good. We want to use PUBLC to drive social change, to create financial inclusion and tackle social issues such as online privacy and freedom of speech.
Do things right - Along the way there were many shortcuts we could have taken, there are many ethical dilemmas we are facing and there will be more in the future. And during all those situations we aspire to do the right thing, which is why we haven't done an ICO or token sale. We are working to make PUBLC and our financial infrastructure as regulatory compliant as possible and do what's best for our community.

PUBLC's Journey

We've come a long way, just to get to the starting point... And there is a long way ahead of us.
PUBLC was developed by a small and dedicated team over years, with minimal resources, trying to do the impossible and challenge the biggest companies in the world, create new economic models while building on new and complicated technologies.
PUBLC is a very aspirational project and a huge undertaking and while have built a lot there is a lot missing and a lot to build. There are bugs, there are features missing, there isn't a mobile app yet, and there are endless improvements to make, but with the support from the community everything is possible. Want to take part in making it happen? Get involved👇

Get involved

If you read so far and are interested to get involved then reach out to us, there is much to do and we'd love to get as many people onboard as possible.
Read this section to understand how you could get involve 👉 get involved
Contact email - [email protected]

Where to go from here?

If you are a Creator, meaning you create online content, whether on your own a website or on other platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. -> Click here.
If you are a Brand or a Celebrity, meaning you have content created about you -> click here.
If you are a User who wants to earn while using the internet, or wants to become part in helping building PUBLC by curating content, or wants to become an admin of a topic page -> Click here.
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